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Sports Betting as a Form of Investment
What Is Investment? | What Is Sports Betting? | Sports Betting: Gambling or Investing?

What Is Fixed Odds Betting?
What Are Odds? | Who Is the Bookmaker? | Fractional versus Decimal Odds | Why Are They Called Fixed Odds? | Spread Betting versus Fixed Odds | Fixed Odds Betting Markets | Different Types of Fixed Odds Bets | The Age of the Internet

Beating the Bookmaker
Odds & Probabilities | The Bookmakers' Profit Margin - the Overround | Typical Overrounds in Sports Betting | Doubles, Trebles and Accumulators? | Finding Value & Gaining an Edge | Comparing Bookmakers | Arbitrage

Rating Systems for Sports Prediction
Quantitative Sports Prediction | Analysing the Past | Some Examples of Rating Systems | Ratings and Probability | Defining the Fair Odds | Identifying Value Bets | Back-Testing a Sports Prediction System

Sports Betting and Risk Management
Why Think about Risk? | Aspects of Risk Management for Sports Betting

Risks and Returns for Fixed Odds Betting
The Betting Bank | Understanding and Managing Profit Growth | Quantifying the Risks | Singles versus Multiples: a Risk Assessment

Staking Strategy and Money Management
What Is Money Management? | Staking Plan Simulations | Level Staking | Percentage Staking | Fixed Profits Staking | The Martingale | The Pyramid Plan | Kelly Staking

A Winning System?
Developing a Successful Betting System | Backing Favourites | The Pitfalls of Forecasting | Thinking about Risk | Using Sports Advisory Services | Analysing Your Betting Record